Revised January 24, 2003

Note (1): The use of masculine terms and pronouns herein is for the purpose of simplifying the grammatical construction only and does not imply any requirement or preference as to gender.

Note (2): The words "club" and/or "organization" as hereinafter used refer to the Barefoot Bay Computer Club.


This organization is formed for the purpose of bringing together those persons who have an interest in the use of computers and associated computer peripherals, software, hardware, application programs, and all forms of interconnecting devices. The club shall provide a forum for its members to discuss the present state of the art and to keep abreast of the latest techniques and developments. To this end, the club shall provide the means to present meaningful educational opportunities, discussions, roundtable tutorials pertinent to the interests and desires of its members, and to offer an opportunity to interact with fellowship in union with persons sharing a common interest.

The club shall be open to all adult residents of Barefoot Bay, 18 years of age or over, who are interested in computer technology, and ownership of a computer shall not be a criteria for membership. It shall be the goal of membership to support each other in knowledge and technical advancement so that we may each derive the maximum utility and enjoyment that our computer interest can generate. It shall also be our position to assist anyone who may be in need of information to start in the hobby of computers and to offer aid to those who require information to effectively upgrade their present systems.

To this end, the following Bylaws are established.


The name of the organization is BAREFOOT BAY COMPUTER CLUB.


(A) The business of the club shall be conducted and managed by its elected officers and an executive board, subject to the provisions contained herein.

(B) The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall be chosen by vote of all members in good standing, and shall serve for such term, and shall have such duties as defined in this document.

(C) The executive board shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate past president, the chairmen of the Educational, Program, and Membership committees, who are appointed, the Bits & Bytes editor, and two directors elected by vote of all club members in good standing. One director will be elected each year.


(A) The term of office of the elected officers shall be two (2) years.

(B) The terms of office of the other members of the executive board, with the exception of the Bits & Bytes editor, shall be two (2) years.

(C) In order to provide an order of continuity, the outgoing president shall, without election, serve on the new executive board for two years.

(D) Unexpired terms of the President, when vacant for any reason, shall be filled by the Vice President for the remaining time until the next election date, at which time the office shall be filled by the election process.

(E) Unexpired terms of the other officers, when vacant for any reason, shall be filled by appointment by the executive board for the balance of that time until the next election date; at which time the office shall be filled by the election process.


The club year for fiscal purposes shall begin on February 1, and shall end on January 31.


(A) At the September meeting, the President shall designate a Nominating Committee chairman who shall be a member of the executive board, but not an officer, and who shall choose two additional members. The nominating committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting candidates for officers and directors for the coming term. The candidates selected should be considered on the basis of desire to serve, and availability during the entire year, and must have agreed to have their names placed in nomination.

(B) The nominating committee shall make their report at the November meeting. At the January meeting the chairman of the nominating committee will repeat the names of the candidates selected by the nominating committee and ask for additional candidates for each office, seconded by another member, and considered on the basis of desire to serve, and availability during the entire year, and must agree to have their names placed in nomination.

(C) Elections shall be held at the January meeting and new officers installed at the end of that meeting.


(A) The general membership meetings shall be held on the fourth Friday of each month.

(B) The meeting place and time shall be designated by the executive board. It shall be the responsibility of the board to inform the membership of any changes in date and/or location.

(C) Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may be formed at any time by any group with a common interest in a specific field of hardware, software, system, or element common to computer technology. SIGs shall determine the need for meetings and shall set the time and frequency of such meetings. It will be the responsibility of each SIG to inform its members concerning special meeting times and locations.

(D) In order to coordinate the overall activities and to prevent duplication of effort, the President shall be informed of all action taken by SIGs. Such SIGs may be asked to report on activities at the general monthly meetings.

(E) Meetings of the executive board shall be held every month or at the call of the President. Time and location of these meetings shall be determined by the President.


(A) The officers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

(B) The President shall have general supervision over and shall be responsible to the executive board for the successful conduct of the business of the club. This person shall preside over all meetings of the Board and/or general membership; and shall appoint members to the standing committees, and shall create and appoint special committees as required; and shall be an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees.

(C) The Vice-President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, exercise the powers and perform the duties of the President. He shall generally assist the President and exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the executive board.

(D) The Secretary shall record and keep the minutes of all proceedings of the executive board and general meetings in a businesslike manner. The Secretary shall have charge of all records of the club, except those records normally held by the Treasurer, and shall maintain reports from all Standing and Special committees; and may perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the executive board.

(E) The Treasurer shall have custody of all financial records of the club and shall maintain a set of books listing all assets and liabilities, receipts from dues, assessments, and income from whatever source, in addition to any outgo of monies, indebtedness, liabilities, and expenses. Books shall be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and shall be subject to an annual audit by the Auditing Committee. All club monies shall be deposited in the name of the club in a banking institution approved by the executive board. Monies from this fund shall be withdrawn only by checks signed by such persons as are authorized by the executive board. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the timely payment of all bills owed by the club and authorized by the executive board to be paid.

(F) The Executive Board shall manage the business of the club and shall consist of ten (10) members, the four (4) officers and two (2) directors selected by election, and the three (3) committee chairmen and the Bits & Bytes editor appointed by the President. Six (6) members of the executive board shall constitute a quorum to transact business at any meeting of the executive board.


(A) All meetings of the club shall be conducted in a businesslike manner. In the event of a major procedural discussion, reference is to be made to Robert's Rules of Order.

(B) Business conducted at general membership meetings shall be by simple majority of those attending, provided that a quorum of twenty (20) percent of total membership is in attendance.

(C) These Bylaws may be changed from time to time on recommendations of the executive board, such changes to be presented to the general membership at one meeting and voted on at the next monthly meeting. Approval at such a meeting must be by a majority of members attending.

(D) Copies of the approved Bylaws, current and updated, shall be made available to members upon request.

(E) An agenda shall be prepared for each general meeting. A suggested order of business may be as follows:

a. Pledge allegiance to the Flag
b. Introduction to each other; ask for visitors
c. Determination of quorum
d. President calls meeting to order
e. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
f. Reading of the Treasurer's report
g. Membership committee report and introduction of new members
h. Program committee report
i. Educational committee report
j. Special committee reports
k. Old business
l. SIG chairman reports
m. New business, including executive board report
n. Program
o. Question and answer period
p. Business meeting adjournment

The President may impose a time limit on, or postpone discussions at his discretion. Modifications to this agenda may be made at any time by the President.


(A) There shall be certain standing committees whose chairmen shall be appointed by the President. It will be the responsibility of each chairman, or an alternate, to report to the membership on the actions and progress of each committee at the regularly scheduled membership meeting.

(B) The committees are charged by the executive board through the President to perform certain functions and duties. Standing committees may be added, deleted, or combined from time to time at the discretion of the executive board. It shall be the policy of the club to attempt to utilize the talents of all the club members and to involve as many members as possible.

(C) Present standing committees to be appointed each year are as follows:

a. Nominating Committee. Charged with seeking candidates for office, reviewing candidate's desire to serve, and obtaining consent to place candidate's name on the ballot.

b. Audit Committee. Charged with reviewing the club's financial records and submitting the results to the executive board.

c. Membership Committee. Charged with maintaining a database of all club members; preparing mailing labels and arranging for volunteers to fold and mail Bits & Bytes; providing all new members with membership cards and information regarding activities of the club, and collecting members' dues and transmitting the same to the treasurer in a timely manner.

d. Program Committee. Charged with preparing the program for each meeting. This committee will arrange for special events, speakers, educational events, films, and other topics of general interest to the membership. This committee will coordinate all activities with the President so as not to conflict with any previously planned agenda. Program activities are not limited to meeting nights.

e. Educational Committee. Charged with providing the means to present an ongoing educational program as dictated by the needs and desires of the membership. Training courses, tutorials, workshops, books, local community courses, etc., may be provided as needed.


Dues shall be assessed to each member as determined by the executive board and approved by the members at a regularly scheduled meeting. Annual dues are payable on or before January 1 of each year; a member shall be considered no longer in good standing if dues are not paid prior to March 1. New members who pay their dues at or subsequent to the October meeting will be considered fully paid members for the current year and the following year.


(A) No director or officer shall receive any form of compensation for services performed for the Barefoot Bay Computer Club.

(B) This club is organized only for adult residents of Barefoot Bay, 18 years of age or over, and is considered a NOT FOR PROFIT organization.


The executive board is permitted to approve expenditures up to $500 without approval of the membership. For purchases in excess of $500, the general membership must approve the expenditure by a simple majority of those attending a meeting at which a quorum is present.

Bylaws Committee Members:
Jeanne Bryan, Chairman
Walt Hammers
Dolly Nical
Robert Preikschat
Rene Smith
Roy Weaver